Epubor ePUB DRM Removal

Epubor ePUB DRM Removal 2.0

It enables you to remove the EPUB DRM protection on ADE
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The EPUB format is largely used on mobile devices like Smartphones or Amazon Kindle. But EPUBs often are bundled with DRMs preventing you from using your content like you would want to use it, or transfer it on devices etc. As it's unpleasant to be restricted to the content you can own, some developers created Epubor ePUB DRM Removal. This program allows you to remove any DRM from EPUB files letting you be free to do whatever you want. This program actually is a lossless DRM remover because it simply removes the DRM from your EPUB files without messing with the rest of them. After you removed the DRM, you can read your e-book on any device like iDevices, Android devices, and even with EPUB readers like Adobe Reader. Epubor ePUB DRM Removal, unfortunately, needs Adobe Digital Editions to work. If you need to remove DRMs from every file in a directory, then you can do that in the program. The trial version has a length of 30 days; if you only need it for one e-book, the trial should be enough for you.
In conclusion, it's great software but needs Adobe Digital Editions to work and is totally overpriced.

John Static
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  • Needs Adobe Digital Editions to work
  • Overpriced
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